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Below are a few golf information that could make the cut in any reminiscing Match.

• Amid Gene Sarazen’s achievements and contributions to golfing was his invention of the sand wedge.

• Walter Hagen, within the 1920s, was the 1st Expert for making a living taking part in golfing as opposed to training it for a club pro.

• Phil Mickelson will be the most productive left-handed golfer at any time, but he’s right-handed in everything else he does.

• Today, purses about the PGA Tour routinely exceed $5 million. Pretty a difference from Nicklaus’ very first paycheck on Tour: $33.33 with the 1962 L.A. Open up.

• Prior to the 1930s, golf equipment ended up discovered by names. In lieu of a three-wood, five-iron or nine-iron, you would've utilized a spoon, a mashie or a niblick.

• Dr. Cary Middlecoff, an Honoree at this yr’s Memorial Tournament, gave up dentistry to Perform golfing and gained 37 tournaments, including the Masters and two U.S. Opens.


• Of the last 10 U.S. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/골프레슨 presidents, 9 happen to be golfers; only Jimmy Carter was not.

• Jack Nicklaus grew up idolizing Bobby Jones, who gained the 1926 U.S. Open at Scioto Nation Club, a system in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, wherever his father launched him to the game.

These information have been found out with 골프 the Royal Financial institution of Scotland Team by way of its aid of Jack Nicklaus and the sport of golfing.