15 Terms Everyone in the 골프 Industry Should Know

Most Fellas steer clear of golfing for one of two explanations: They’ve either never ever experimented with it, or they’ve located that their total not enough talent and know-how results in equal elements humiliation and frustration. Regrettably, there’s 1 inescapable truth: You are able to’t avoid the video game forever. In some unspecified time in the future, you'll be forced into an unpleasant Engage in-or-die round with the manager, client, or potential father-in-legislation (hopefully, not all at once). But don’t fret. All seasoned players share one thing In regards to twiddling with newbies: They don’t care how terrible that you are, just so long as you keep the sport relocating and don’t insert strokes for their score. Here’s all you need to know to Enjoy golf that has a pro–with no losing your occupation, your sale, or your girl in the method.

DON’T Stand driving the ball and watch anyone swing, even if you’re significantly more than enough away to stop getting whacked While using the club. Practically nothing maddens severe players over having the ability to see you out of your corner of their eye, and the only area you can stand and become found is immediately behind the ball (or 골프거리측정기 before it, where circumstance you’re not a distraction, only a fool). Your very best bet: Stand at the least 5 yards absent to the aspect of the ball reverse the player. And don’t communicate or make any http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=골프레슨 other purposeful noises–For illustration, unzipping your bag or burping–when a person is planning to swing.

DO View your entire flight and roll within your ball and “mark” it towards one thing within the landscape so you are aware of the place it is. It’s astounding how frequently newcomers get so caught up during the histrionics of their irritation that they reduce monitor from the going ball. Astounding which means each and every time! Almost nothing is a lot more of the drag with your fellow gamers than to acquire to assist you to seek out a lost ball on every gap.


DON’T Stroll between any one’s ball and the hole after you’re around the green. The reality is this definitely doesn’t make a bit of change in the outcome of someone’s putt–specifically due to the fact metal cleats went how in the mullet–but most men Consider it does. And On the subject of etiquette, perception is all that issues.